Your Personal Rocket System

When I was a boy, I was walking across a pasture one day. Suddenly, I heard a sound. Out of some nearby brush, an angry bull came charging—straight toward me! Like a flash I raced for a nearby fence. Swish! I sailed over the fence even though it was much taller than I. My body felt very strange—a tingling feeling—like it had just been charged with some sort of power. Actually, it had.

Deep inside your lower back, connected to your kidneys, are two glands called adrenal (uh-DREE-nuhl) glands. These glands produce a hormone (chemical substance) called adrenalin. When you are facing a very dangerous situation, or when you are in great fear, your brain sends a quick message to the adrenal glands, saying, in a manner of speaking, “Help! Extra power needed!” The adrenal glands then “squirt” this powerful chemical into your blood stream, and ZAP, you are super-charged to do things that you could not do under normal circumstances.

Also, this amazing chemical can cause your blood vessels to contract (get smaller) when you are seriously wounded. This helps prevent serious loss of blood.

This wonderful system is so complicated that it could not have developed by accident. Someone must have planned it and carefully made it. Guess who did that? You are right, it was God.

The next time you are in an emergency situation, and feel that funny sensation that seems to give you a quick charge of energy, remember that your Creator designed this for you. Offer a prayer and thank Him.


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