Your Amazing Feet

The average person takes about thirty thousand steps each day. That is about twelve miles. In six years you walk a distance equal to traveling around the Earth. How do your feet stand up under all this wear? How do they keep on holding up your body? They have been designed by a Master Engineer (someone who plans things for a special purpose). Feet could never have happened just by accident.

Each foot contains twenty-six bones. The bones of your feet have been designed to form an arch. Notice how your footprints look in sand. You can see the prints of the toes and the heel, but the middle part just barely shows. This special arrangement of bones allows your feet to carry a great amount of weight. Your feet are made sort of like an arched bridge.

If it takes a very smart person to make a bridge, who do you suppose thought of the idea for feet, and made them especially for your body? Of course, God did!

Let us thank our Creator for our feet and never use them in running to do that which is wrong (Proverbs 6:18).


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