Yet Another Way to Promote Evolution

Evolution is taught as fact in our schools. It frequently is addressed as factual on television and in movies. It is hailed as truth in children’s books. It is trumpeted as reality in the most renowned science journals of our day. The General Theory of Evolution has been espoused in many different venues. Unfortunately, another medium to teach evolution can now be added to the list: video games.

Video games in the past may have referenced or reinforced the theory of evolution. Now, however, an entire game has been created based upon the theory. The game is called Spore and was created by computer wiz Will Wright. In the game, “[p]layers start as microscopic life forms competing for survival in primordial ooze and work their way onto land, where they evolve into creatures that build civilizations and rocket into space” (“Computer Game…,” 2008). From “single-cell organisms” to “flying around the galaxy exploring new worlds, meeting other creatures,” Wright claimed that Spore was inspired by his love for biology and the space program known as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Evolutionary environmentalists will also be happy to know that in Spore, “a climate change tool allows players to flood their…world with greenhouse gases, demonstrating the disastrous consequences that result” (Sherwin, 2008).

One journal declared, Wright’s “Computer game…lets you play God.” Why? Because “[p]layers dictate how their animated characters evolve. Creatures can have scales, fins, wings, claws, extra appendages, additional eyes, or body parts…. How they play the game has a lot to do with how they evolve their character” (“Computer Game…”). Ironically, though the media may sell the game on the idea that it “lets you play God,” God plays no role in Spore.

Spore is simply another tool Satan is using to convince humanity that all physical life arose from a common ancestor billions of years ago—an idea that contradicts both the Bible and true science (i.e., the Law of Biogenesis). Sadly, a game that required human intelligence in its design, insults the great intelligent Designer who created humanity in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27), and everything in six days (Exodus 20:11).


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