Why do some children my age believe in evolution, and have never heard of creation?

From Issue: Discovery 11/1/2005

Dear Akasha,

Some children believe in evolution because their parents have taught them that God does not exist, and that evolution is a proven scientific fact. It may be that they simply have never heard their parents talk about creation, or, more likely, have never heard of the logical reasons for believing in creation. Other children have learned many things on television, in books, and at school about evolution supposedly being true, and they don’t understand why anyone would doubt what so many so-called “smart” people would tell them.
Sadly, a lot of children have not been permitted to read the kind of articles you read in Discovery magazine every month, which teach the truths about “Scripture and science.” Akasha, maybe you (and others who get this magazine) could share it with friends who do not get to hear much about God, His world, and His Word.
Thanks for your question. I hope you enjoy this issue of Discovery.



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