Why Did God Create Dinosaurs?

From Issue: Discovery 4/1/2016

Dear Azariah, Macomb, OK

I love to learn about dinosaurs. They were some of the most fascinating creatures that ever lived. You have asked a terrific question. Why would God make these amazing animals? The answer is very simple. All the things God created are designed to show His power and glory. In the book of Job (40:15-24), God tells Job about a creature called the behemoth. The description of this animal, with powerful muscles and a tail that swings like a cedar tree, matches the description of a long-necked dinosaur. God was using the behemoth to show Job how powerful some animals were. He was explaining to Job that if the behemoth was huge and very strong, then God, Who made the behemoth, was much more powerful. Job understood God’s point and repented for ever questioning God’s care and power. Today, we can use dinosaurs in the same way God used the behemoth. We can tell people about their huge bodies, large teeth, thick skulls, and bony armor. Then we can explain that the God Who made them is even more powerful and amazing than they were. Thanks for the great question.


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