Why can’t we go to space? I mean like Apollo 11 Moon Mission?

From Issue: Discovery 5/1/2019

Dear Digger Doug,

Why can’t we go to space? I mean like Apollo 11 Moon Mission? PS–I Love the Books!
—Promise Chara Bain, Idaho.

Dear Promise,

I always love to answer space questions. The stars, Moon, and planets are so much fun to think about and study. The fact is, we can still go to space like the Apollo 11 mission team. People who train to visit space are called astronauts. They often spend many years getting their minds and bodies ready to go into space. As you probably know, space is very different than being here on Earth. Special suits are needed to protect the astronauts from harsh cold and hot environments. Also, gravity is very different in space and people “float” around, unlike how we are “stuck” on planet Earth with gravity pulling us down. While some people can spend most of their lives trying to visit the Moon or other places in outer space, we have not figured out a way to live there very long. That is because God designed humans to live on Earth. Earth is perfectly designed so that humans have plenty of air to breath, food to eat, and just the right gravitational pull. It is no accident that humans belong on Earth. The prophet Isaiah said that God “formed the earth and made it…to be inhabited” (Isaiah 45:18). God loves us and made Earth to be our special home. We should thank Him for taking such great care of us. Also, Promise, we are glad you like our books. Thanks for letting us know!


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