Why are there so many trees on Earth?

From Issue: Discovery 2/1/2010

Dear Stuart,

Thanks for sending your e-mail all the way from Africa. I’m sure you get to see many different kinds of trees in Africa than we see here at the mole hole in Alabama. The reason there are so many trees on Earth is because God knew that humans and animals would need trees to survive. Genesis 1:11 explains that God made trees on day three of Creation. Those trees multiplied, each one after its own kind, by producing seeds. Those seeds fell into the ground and sprouted into trees. Peach trees produced peach seeds that grew into more peach trees that produced more peach seeds.

Trees give humans and animals all kinds of wonderful blessings. Fruit and nut trees provide food, the green leaves on trees produce oxygen for humans and animals to breathe, and the wood from trees can be used to build houses and buildings. Some trees also provide medicine and other interesting, helpful substances like maple syrup for pancakes. When we look at the wonderful trees in the world, we should give thanks to God Who always provides us with everything we need.


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