Who made God?

From Issue: Discovery 7/1/2009

Dear Jacob,

Thank you for sending such an important question. One of the laws of science states that, in this Universe, every effect must have a cause that is greater than the effect. This is easy to see. For example, baby animals (puppies, kittens, calves) have parent animals (dogs, cats, and cows). The Law of Cause and Effect applies even in the Plant Kingdom as well.

God is the only One Who does not have a cause, such as a parent or maker. In fact, God has always existed. The word for this is eternal. The fact that God is eternal means that He is self-existent. He had no beginning and will never cease to exist (Psalm 90:2). (If He were created, then that would mean that someone greater than God exists—but this cannot be.) The prophet Isaiah wrote that God “inhabits eternity,” and that He is the only One Who does (Isaiah 57:15). We are glad to serve such an amazing Creator.


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