What’s Going on at A.P.?

For 30 years, the Lord has blessed the work of Apologetics Press. Since 1979, thousands of articles and tracts have been written, dozens of books have been published, and countless audio and video lessons have been made available to both the church and the public at large. With the generous support and encouragement of faithful churches and individual Christians around the globe, God has graciously carried on this work and allowed it to prosper. We regularly pray for God’s continued blessings, especially upon the faith-building projects currently underway, which we hope to make available in the near future.

One of the larger ongoing tasks in recent months at A.P. has been the construction of a brand new Web site. With an overall improved look, new descriptive categories, and more multi-media capabilities, we believe that our readers will benefit even more from the many thousands of things we offer (for free!) on-line. (Many thanks to our friends at for helping us in the development of this new Web site, which, Lord willing, we hope to unveil in 2010.)

For years, churches have asked us about developing a Christian Evidences VBS curriculum. That wish is coming ever closer to a reality. With help from some very experienced VBS producers children will enjoy learning about the six days of Creation, dinosaurs, and the Flood, all in an age-appropriate format. Our hope is to have the VBS curriculum available early next year, in order for churches to consider using it in the summer of 2010.

Apologetics Press is continuing to produce more and more episodes of Digger Doug’s Underground. We recently made episodes 9 (on homology) and 10 (on evolutionary hoaxes) available, and plan to send episodes 11 (on creation scientists) and 12 (on the age of the Earth) off to the duplicator in the coming weeks. All of these episodes should be airing on the Gospel Broadcasting Network in the coming weeks. We also expect episodes 13 and 14 to be completely edited and ready for circulation by the end of the year.

In addition to more episodes of Digger Doug’s Underground, we are also close to releasing a new Digger Doug’s Underground children’s music CD containing 12 original songs written and produced by Caleb Colley, director of Digger Doug’s Underground. This CD will be a great learning tool for kids and will make for a fun way to learn about various scientific facts. Parents (especially homeschooling parents) interested in supplementing their children’s science lessons will enjoy songs like “Cause and Effect,” “You Can’t Get Life from Non-Life,” and “Play by the Rules.” We hope to make the CD available by the end of the year.

Those who want to teach their children and grandchildren to read, while simultaneously teaching them about God and His creation, have thoroughly enjoyed A.P.’s Learn-to-Read and Early Reader series of books. Soon (hopefully by November) three new Advanced Readers will be available, with three more in the works.

Christ and the Continental Congress, the sequel to one of our most popular books, The Silencing of God, is currently being edited and is expected to be sent to the printer shortly. (We hope to make it available by the end of 2009 or early 2010.)

The first three journeys of our Explorer Series have been very well received by Bible class teachers the past few years. Journey #4 is close to completion. We hope to print this new journey in 2010 as funds become available.

Many things are in the works here at A.P., not the least of which is our continual production of our journals Reason & Revelation and Discovery (for children), and our weekly Web article updates.

Thank you for your continued use of our Web site. Thank you for your interest in our work. Thank you for your support. If you are not currently receiving our weekly e-mail newsletter, consider signing up to receive it. Also, if you have not yet joined us on Facebook, visit our page, join our group, and leave us a message.


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