What was the Fruit that Adam and Eve Count Not Eat?

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2015

Dear Martin,

You have asked a question that many people throughout the ages have asked. This question helps us learn something important about God and the Bible. If you look in children’s books that tell the story of Adam and Eve, you will often read that the fruit was an apple. The truth is, however, the Bible does not say it was an apple. The fruit could have been an orange. It could have been a kiwi fruit. It could have been a Kumquat, or it could have been a fruit that was special to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and is no longer around today. The fact that God does not tell us what fruit it was means that it is not very important for us to know. You see, there are many things that God could have told us, but for some reason, He chose not to. It is important that we do not listen to what other people tell us they think is in the Bible, but that we go straight to God’s Word and let Him tell us Himself. I can think of at least one great reason why God did not tell us what fruit it was. Suppose that it was a peach. Do you think people would still eat peaches if that was the fruit that Adam and Eve ate and got kicked out of the garden? Maybe God did not tell us the fruit because He did not want us to miss the real point of the story. It does not matter what the fruit was, but it matters that we obey God in everything that He tells us to do.


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