What Language Did Adam and Eve Speak?

From Issue: Discovery 5/1/2016

Dear Digger Doug,

What language did Adam and Eve speak when the Earth was first created?
—Allison, Altamont, TN

Dear Allison,

I’m answering your question in the English language, but there are hundreds of languages in the world today. Which of these did Adam and Eve speak? As you may know, after the Flood, at the time of the Tower of Babel there was only one language. God wanted the people to spread over the Earth, but they refused and stayed together and built the huge Tower of Babel. Because they disobeyed God, He confused their languages and caused different people to speak many different kinds of languages. At the Tower of Babel, different languages were introduced into the world. Those languages have changed over time and now there are probably many more languages than there were at the Tower of Babel. Which of the languages did Adam and Eve speak? The Bible does not say and we may never know. They may have even spoken a language that no longer exists today. Thanks for your great language question.


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