What Kind of Animals or Insects Give Silk?

From Issue: Discovery 4/1/2007

Dear Jamie,

This is an excellent question. Almost all the silk in our clothing is from moth caterpillars. But many different types of silk are produced by a huge variety of insects, such as lacewings and spiders. Silk is the strongest of all natural fibers. Pound for pound, the silk from certain kinds of spiders is five times stronger than steel, and can stretch 30% farther than the most stretchable nylon, and is twice as flexible. World production of silk products has approximately doubled during the last 30 years.

Scientists are using God’s silk design to develop soft, lightweight bullet-proof vests for policemen that would protect officers even better than current vests. Lately, many scientists have tried to mimic the spider’s complex silk-spinning process, with little success. Companies like Nexia have experimented with a “spinneret” to form a consistent fiber.

Once again, we see that God’s design sets the standard, and science mimics God’s perfect creation.


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