What Day Did God Make Penguins?

From Issue: Discovery 8/1/2003

Dear Jordyn,

Good question! We do not know many of the details of the Creation, and we cannot know exactly what day God created the penguin. It is interesting that Genesis 1:21 says that God made the “winged birds” on Day 5. While the penguin does have wings it seems that the birds specified in Genesis 1:21 might have been only flying birds. We must realize that even though we divide up animals into certain groups, and we give those groups names, God divides up animals differently. Bats have wings, and are sometimes included as birds in the Bible, yet scientists do not consider them birds. Whales, which are considered mammals, were probably created on Day 5 and included with fish. Other animals also defy the classifications given in Genesis 1; amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders, live in water half their lives, and on land the other half. Were they made on Day 5 or 6? Insects live everywhere—land, sea, and air. When were they created? 

We cannot answer these questions because God did not tell us. The im-portant thing to remember is that God made everything in six, 24-hour days. Whether or not he made the penguin on day 5 or 6 is not as important as knowing that God made the penguin!


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