Watch Those Hands

From Issue: Discovery 8/1/2012

Maybe it has not happened yet, but one day you will start to look at members of the opposite gender in a whole new way. Boys start looking at girls, thinking that they are pretty. Girls start thinking about boys as being pretty “cute.” It may be that you are already wondering about who you will marry when you grow up.

Right now, you might be wondering about holding hands. If you are a boy, you might wonder about putting your arm around a girl and many other things. Regarding things like holding hands and “touching,” there are some things you must remember.

First, some types of touching are right and good; other types of touching are wrong and bad. We just have to determine which ones are right and which ones are wrong. At times, holding hands, a boy putting his arm around a girl, and certain types of hugs can be wholesome and good. But other types of touching can lead to trouble.

The Bible writers sometimes used words that at first reading we do not fully understand—words like “lascivious,” “licentious,” or “lewdness” (read Romans 13:3-4; 1 Peter 4:3). These words are often used to talk about types of touching that are sinful. These words apply to romantic touching underneath the clothes by people who are not married. They also apply to touching certain parts of the body even outside the clothes.

Some young people have asked how far they can go in touching. How far is too far?  This is actually the wrong question to ask. Since the Bible says that the body of the Christian belongs to the Lord
(1 Corinthians 6:12-18), we should be asking, “Will this bring glory to God?” or “Will this help me be a better Christian example?” If we remember that God is always there with us, we will be much less likely to try to push the limits of touching in places that we shouldn’t. Is what you are doing with your boyfriend or girlfriend something you would do if Jesus were sitting with you? Now that is a good question.


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