Was there Really an Ice Age?

From Issue: Discovery 11/1/2018

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Was there really an Ice Age?

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Millions of cubic miles of ice cover parts of the Earth today in areas like the Arctic and Antarctica. From what man has discovered, it looks like there might have been a time when ice covered much of northern Europe, northwest Asia, and North America as well. And, although the Bible does not specifically mention this Ice Age or its cause, there is a good chance that these ice sheets formed as a result of the Flood of Noah’s day.

The Flood would have changed the weather on Earth drastically. Reduced summertime temperatures could have been caused by volcanic dust (produced during the upheavals of the Flood) or by increased cloud cover that shielded the planet from some of the Sun’s light. This, in turn, could have caused a rapid cooling of certain landmasses, which allowed snow to remain during the summer months in certain areas of the world where it currently does not linger during the summer. Over time, this snow might have been pressed together to form huge sheets of ice that would not begin to melt away until the weather patterns on Earth changed.

While we cannot be sure about all the causes of the Ice Age, we can offer possible explanations that do not take millions of years, and that would take into account the biblical record of the Flood.


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