Volume 9 of Digger Doug’s Underground

From Issue: R&R – October 2011

The multitude of distractions that vie for the minds and time of us and our children is monumental. Perhaps never before in world history, American culture is experiencing a massive information overload. The vast array of communication sources, the availability of so many forms of entertainment, the ease with which we can jump into our cars and travel quickly to stores and other local destinations—these and a host of other outlets keeps us “chasing ourselves coming and going.” We are literally busy, busy, busy all the time. Getting away from it all for a vacation in order to relax and rest our pummeled minds has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

This state of affairs has made it all the more critical for Christians to take charge of their lives and organize them so that spiritual nourishment remains the top priority. Rather than being caught up in the frivolous, the momentary, the fleshly, we simply must devote ourselves to living the spiritual life focused on the God of the Bible and His Son. Apologetics Press exists to expedite this all-consuming purpose. Hence, we are especially striving to provide parents and grandparents with valuable tools and resources that are designed to nurture the souls of their children and grandchildren.

I cannot adequately emphasize the value of our children’s program Digger Doug’s Underground in helping children to sort out the key issues of the creation-evolution debate that continues to rage in our nation. With each new episode, our staff has become more proficient in its production skills. Though the intended audience is younger children, the program is enjoyable to all ages—even adults. A recent post by a mother in Tennessee on the A.P. Facebook page reads: “Just put Digger Doug on for my 7 year old for something to do in between homeschool lessons. He loves it and is learning so much important information!” Such comments have been typical from the beginning of production.

We are pleased to announce the release of the next two episodes. Episode 17, titled “Coal and the Age of the Earth,” enables youngsters to understand that coal did not form over many millions of years as evolutionists contend, but likely occurred due to the Noahic Flood. Episode 18 is titled “The Complex Design of the Human Body,” which helps children understand that mindless evolution cannot explain the complexity of life. We commend these new programs to your use. Please consider giving copies to any number of children in your acquaintance.


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