VBS is Near—We’ve Got You Covered

Those of us who grew up going to church remember Vacation Bible School with great fondness—the event each Summer that made us most excited about God and His Word, and made us more evangelistic than ever. In the Fall, many of us went back to school and heard lies that tested the faith we gained in those fun-filled hours at VBS. Many left the church, never to return.

If you were not aware, Apologetics Press has teamed up with Little Acorn to provide you with VBS curricula that will generate the joy we had going to VBS as kids, but at the same time, prepare kids for the inevitable assault on their faith that they will face as they go through school. The curricula have materials prepared for adults as well! Literally hundreds of congregations have chosen to use these tools. If your congregation isn’t one of them, why not consider using an A.P. VBS curriculum this Summer?

God’s Creation: Digging for Answers

The Bible is God’s Word: Digging for Answers

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