Valor & Virtue: A.P.’s Christian Evidences Resource for Teens

Throughout the course of human history, some of God’s most valuable and courageous servants have been teenagers. Our society has fed teenagers the lie that their actions are unimportant, they can wait until they are older to be productive citizens, and their teen years are a time for carelessness and worldly fun. In contrast to this false view, God’s Word explains that teens can be model soldiers in the army of the Lord (1 Timothy 4:12). In light of this truth, we at Apologetics Press are diligently striving to give young people the tools they need to defend the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. V2, which stands for Valor and Virtue, is a 20-page resource designed to provide teens with exciting evidences on their level, that will strengthen their faith, give them confidence to defend it, and give them the tools they need to do so as they sincerely strive to pattern their lives after Christ. If you know teens that need this material, please be sure to send them to the V2 section of our Web site to view or download copies ( To purchase various printed issues, visit the teen section of our Web store (


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