Two New Children’s Readers

From Issue: R&R – March 2012

We at Apologetics Press have been very pleased with the response to our children’s readers. We offer three levels spanning several years of a child’s life. Three to five year olds will benefit from our Learn to Read series which is designed to teach a child how to read. Kindergarten through second graders will enjoy building upon their reading skills with our Early Readers series. And our Advanced Readers, for second- and third-graders, will enable a child to improve reading skill even further.

We are pleased to release to the public two new readers. Snails, Quails, and Whales is the latest addition to our Learn To Read books. The other titles in the series are: Dogs, Frogs, and Hogs; Bats, Cats, and Rats; Birds, Bugs, and Bees; Ducks, Bucks, and Woodchucks; Fish, Flies, and Fleas; and Goose, Moose, and Mongoose.

We are also pleased to release another volume in the Advanced Reader series:  Amazing Teeth Designed by God. The other titles in the series are: Amazing Dinosaurs;Amazing Copies; The Amazing Human Body; Amazing Migrating Animals; Amazing Tails; andAmazing Tamable Animals. All seven of these volumes take the child from the early reader stage of development to the next level, preparing him or her for fourth grade and beyond.

All of our readers focus on God as the Creator, while simultaneously helping children develop necessary reading skills. Each book is literally beautiful—colorful, stunning pictures and drawings, and interesting text. What’s more, these books are unbelievably inexpensive! You cannot buy books of this quality at the prices that A.P. offers, since we are not here to make money. We are here to get worthwhile materials into the hands of as many people as possible.

Imagine teaching a child or grandchild to read using books that impress upon the child the reality of the Creator and His connection to the created order. Most adults were not taught to read using such books—but how different would our nation be if such books were used on a wide scale? We are out to promote spiritual growth and point people to the God and Christ of the Bible. Please take advantage of these effective tools for your children and grandchildren—tools that facilitate their preparation for eternity.


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