Two New Books—Great Gifts

As 2008 comes to a close, we at A.P. are winding up our feverish production schedule with the release of two more outstanding volumes—just in time for the holidays. First, we are pleased to announce the advent of Dissecting the Truth. As you well know, complex design throughout the Universe is self-evident and indisputable. The elegant efficiency and astonishing complexity of living organisms on Earth cry out that the Master Designer lives. Specifically, the intelligent design of the human body provides scientific evidence for God. This proof is massive and decisive—from the astounding operations of the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems to the intricate networking of the nervous system in conjunction with the amazing human brain. These marvelous features of the human body demonstrate conclusively the handiwork of the God of the Bible—a fact explored in Dissecting the Truth.

Second, we are happy to make available the coffee-table book version of the popular DVD seminar, The Silencing of God, which documents the sinister attempt to dismantle America’s religious heritage. Filled with beautiful, colorful pictures and historical images, this fascinating volume demonstrates forcefully that the American Republic was deliberately and intentionally founded on the moral and spiritual principles of the Christian religion. Placing this volume in a visible location in your home will definitely attract attention from guests and visitors.

As we make fi­nancial decisions during the holiday season regarding what gifts to buy for friends, co-workers, and loved ones, may I urge you to consider the special value of giving books and DVDs from Apologetics Press? Not only are materials from A.P. striking in appearance, they will nurture the soul and awaken spiritual appetites. Our children’s materials are especially appealing, and critically needed, far surpassing the books and videos that provide momentary, frivolous entertainment but do nothing to prepare children for life and eternity. Another suggestion is to provide friends with a gift subscription to Reason & Revelation. Or provide the children and grandchildren in your life with a subscription to Discovery magazine. Subscriptions are the gifts that “keep on giving” throughout the year.


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