Two More Explorer Series!

From Issue: R&R – May 2014

It was 2002 (over a decade ago!) that Apologetics Press released Journey #1 of our Explorer Series—a product that has proven popular and valuable in its variety of applications (Bible class settings, VBS classes, homeschooling, summer camps, etc.). We are thrilled to now release the sixth and seventh installments. Journey #6 is titled “Survey of Scripture.” Intended for fifth and sixth graders, it is designed to enable them to get a better, overall grasp of the Bible. The central theme, a summary, and an outline are given for each book of the Bible. Each full-color, 8-page lesson includes professional artwork and illustrations that appeal to young readers, as well as activities such as puzzles, word-finds, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false questions, and mazes—all of which are intended to reinforce the teaching found within each lesson. Teachers have the freedom to send individual lessons home with each child, or compile all 13 lessons into a notebook that can be used in class and then given to the child for future reference at the end of the quarter. Here are the 13 lessons:

Lesson 1: Genesis—Exodus
Lesson 2: Leviticus—Joshua
Lesson 3: Judges—2 Kings
Lesson 4: 1 Chronicles—Esther
Lesson 5: Job—Song of Solomon
Lesson 6: Isaiah—Daniel
Lesson 7: Hosea—Micah
Lesson 8: Nahum—Malachi
Lesson 9: Matthew—Acts
Lesson 10: Romans—Ephesians
Lesson 11: Philippians—2 Timothy
Lesson 12: Titus—2 Peter
Lesson 13: 1 John—Revelation

Journey #7 facilitates learning about the Church that Jesus came to Earth to establish. Students will learn about how and when the Church was established, who is included in the church, and how the church should function (among many other things). Here are the individual lesson titles:

Lesson 1—Prophecies and Preparation of the Church
Lesson 2—Foundation and Establishment of the Church
Lesson 3—The Plan of Salvation
Lesson 4—Conversions in Acts
Lesson 5—The Growth of the Early Church
Lesson 6—The Organization of the Church
Lesson 7—Worship—Part 1
Lesson 8—Worship—Part 2
Lesson 9—The Attitude of the Church
Lesson 10—Miracles and the Early Church
Lesson 11—Pictures of the Church
Lesson 12—Lessons Learned from the Early Church
Lesson 13—Heaven or Hell?

Please avail yourself, your family, and your church of these valuable and effective lessons!


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