The Wonder of Light

A long time ago, God asked a wise man named Job, “By what way is light diffused?” (Job 38:24). Job did not know very much about light. Though we still do not understand everything about light, we do know some things—both from the Bible and from science.

For example, we know that material light has not always existed, for God spoke, and light came into being (Genesis 1:3). Also, we know that light travels at a speed of over 186,000 miles a second. It takes about 8 minutes for light to reach the Earth from the Sun.

When an object provides its own light, it is called self-luminous. The Sun is a self-luminous body. Some other objects in space, such as the Moon, only reflect light. Moonlight is merely reflected sunlight. When you see a person in the moonlight, you see light that has been reflected twice. Of course, people in very ancient times did not understand the difference in the kinds of light provided by the Sun and Moon.

In a spiritual sense, Jesus Christ is the light of the world (John 8:12). His own divine nature supplies that light (spiritual teaching). On the other hand, when we live like Jesus wants us to, we become “lights” which show His wonderful teaching to others (read Philippians 2:15). Jesus is the source; we are the reflectors. Let us be sure that we do our very best to be good “light-bearers” for our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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