The Summer of a Lifetime

From Issue: Discovery 8/1/2015

If I could sum up this summer in one word, it would be “adventure.” Before this summer, I had a very limited understanding of Christian Apologetics. I had read many books and articles, but I still did not have an accurate understanding of what organizations like Apologetics Press really do—and then I was given an opportunity to experience it first hand.

As soon as I arrived at Apologetics Press I was already packing for the field trip of a lifetime. Dr. Jeff Miller and I set out on a seven-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. We joined Creation scientist Dr. Steve Austin as he taught about how the Grand Canyon is evidence of—and ultimately the result of—the Noahic Flood. I will never forget lying under the stars at night and seeing the silhouette of the Canyon walls. It was all a result of the judgment that God rained on this Earth.

Two weeks later we left for Wyoming to dig up dinosaur bones. We joined a team of creationists and learned the excavation (EX-skuh-VAY-shun) process (how to dig them up).  We also learned how these particular dinosaurs were very likely killed in the Flood. We found all kinds of bones—even a T-rex tooth!

I also spent two weeks as a counselor at A.P.’s summer camp under the direction of Eric Lyons.  I had the opportunity to minister to the kids there and teach a class on the Grand Canyon.

The rest of the summer was spent in A.P.’s office. I helped out with a number of projects including their on-line Bible curriculum and the production of Discovery magazine. However, spending time with, and learning from, the godly and Christ-like men at Apologetics Press was a greater experience than any dinosaur dig, summer camp, or rafting trip. This has been the best summer of my life.


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