The Scoop on Mr. Beaver's Tail

From Issue: Discovery 1/1/2007

WW: Hello kids. This is news reporter Willy the Word Worm. I am committed to finding the facts and reporting them to you. Today I have with me Billy the Beaver. We’re going to get right to our interview.

WW: Hello Billy. Thank you for joining me.

BB: Thanks for interviewing me.

WW: It’s my pleasure. Now, the current issue of Discovery is about tails. I heard that you have a very special tail. Could you tell me about it?

BB: Sure, Willy. I love to tell about my tail. You see, God designed us beavers to have long, flat tails. In fact, my tail is about 18 inches long. It does not have much fur on it. And it is 6 inches wide. Very few animals have a tail like mine.

WW: That’s the truth. How do you use your interesting tail?

BB: Yes, well, my tail is one of my most important tools. When I stand on my hind legs to chomp on trees, I use my tail to balance, so I don’t fall.

WW: I’m sure you’re grateful to have a tail to break your falls.

BB: I sure am, Willy. My tail is also useful for other things. When I’m swimming, I use it as a rudder to steer myself in any direction I need to go.

WW: So you’re saying that God gave you a wonderful tail that is handy for all sorts of different jobs?

BB: That’s exactly right, Willy. I also use my tail for another important job. When I sense danger, I can slap my tail on the water. This slap makes a very loud noise. My fellow beavers hear this loud slap and know to run or swim away and hide.

WW: Why, that’s just like having your own personal alarm system in your tail.

BB: It sure is.

WW: Thank you Billy Beaver, for telling us all about your fantastic tail.

BB: No problem, Willy.

WW: Well kids, there you have the facts on the beaver’s tail. Well-designed animals like Billy Beaver remind us what a wonderful God we serve. This is Willy the Word Worm, reporting the facts, all the facts, and nothing but the facts, signing off.


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