The New “Learn to Read” Childrens’ Books

From Issue: R&R Volume 26 #4

Do you remember when and how you learned to read? Perhaps you were treated to the old Dick and Jane series. Remember? “See Spot run.” Well, now imagine learning to read using biblical principles that pertain to the Creator and His creation. That is precisely why we designed the first level of the A.P. Readers: the “Learn to Read” Series. The first three offerings in this series have arrived from the printer and are now ready for distribution.

Intended for children, ages 3-6, these books not only acquaint children with the animal kingdom, they introduce children to simple sentence structure, rhyme, exclamation, question, and reinforcement through repetition. They are specifically designed for the beginning reader. The first three titles in the “Learn to Read” Series are Dogs, Frogs, and Hogs, Bats, Cats, and Rats, and Birds, Bugs, and Bees. Three more are expected to follow.

With a durable, glossy, soft cover, these volumes are printed on matt art paper and contain brilliantly colorful, attention-grabbing pictures and original drawings. Our resident graphics-design artist, Rob Baker, has done an outstanding job of layout and illustration artwork on these books. Indeed, we believe children will be thoroughly enthralled by the captivating images. They will find learning to read a pleasure, while simultaneously being impressed with the role of the Creator in His creation.

With its talented team of dedicated professionals, A.P. continues to break new ground and scale new horizons in its ongoing commitment to advancing the cause of Christ. Children are the key to the future of the nation and the church. Educating them early, and preparing them for the onslaughts of skepticism that increasingly enshroud our society, will pay rich spiritual dividends. Apologetics Press remains focused on its prime directive, while perpetuating the quality you have come to expect. Be looking for many more valuable, soon-to-be-released resources for children.


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