The New AP Website

From Issue: R&R – Issue 41 #10

Some 10 years ago, AP launched a new state-of-the-art website that we hoped would provide effective service to the wide range of internet users that desired to access apologetics materials. We are very grateful that the website has served this purpose, impacting hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade.

But, of course, our fast-paced world is constantly upgrading the variety of electronic tools that come on the scene and provide an enhanced experience for those seeking information. We at AP have been working for some time on providing a complete overhaul of our website. Our goal is to provide features that will increase our effectiveness in impacting the public with God’s thinking.

We are delighted to announce that we have just launched our new website. We have particularly sought to create a search engine that will enable visitors to our site to find the material and answers that they desire with as little difficulty as possible. We have added new filter functionality that promises to provide quicker, better results. The new look of the site is modern, yet characterized by simplicity, with improved navigation capability. Our old Spanish website has been integrated into this new site, together with the materials provided in the other languages that we offer. We still have a video section which is better organized and will provide ease of access. We have included archives for past issues of our two monthly magazines. And we have added a new kids and teens section that includes content with them in mind.

You will have to visit our site in order to explore its features and see for yourself the extent to which, with God’s help, we have been successful in upgrading and improving the AP website.


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