The Lie That Killed a Man

From Issue: Discovery 5/1/2009

One story in the Old Testament tells how a man was killed because of a lie (read 1 Kings 13). God sent a young prophet to give a message to the wicked King Jeroboam. The young prophet was told by God to deliver the message, and then leave immediately. He was not to stay there long enough even to drink or eat. The prophet began to do just as God commanded. He gave Jeroboam the message, and began his trip home.

But on his way, he was stopped by an older man who invited him to stay and eat. The young prophet refused, because God told him not to stop. But the older man said, “God told me to bring you to my house to eat and drink.”  The Bible says, however, “he lied to him” (1 Kings 13:18). The young prophet believed the older man’s lie.

After he finished his meal, the prophet again started for home. On the way, a lion jumped on him and killed him. God sent the lion to punish him for disobedience. From this we learn two important lessons. First, we must never disobey God, even if someone else says it is okay to do so. Second, we should never lie. The old man lied, and caused the young prophet to die. God hates lies (Proverbs 6:17). We should always tell the truth and obey God.


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