The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

 Those who believe in the theory of evolution teach that many years ago men were animal-like and not very intelligent. While it is true that we have learned many new things across the centuries, it is also a fact that there are hundreds of examples from history which show that human beings were very brilliant thousands of years ago.

Consider, for example, the pyramids of Egypt. Hundreds of years before Abraham was born, the Egyptians were building these great “tombs” in which to bury their dead kings. One of these, the Great Pyramid, stood 492 feet high. That is almost as tall as a fifty-story building. At ground level, it covered a space of about thirteen acres. More than two million stone blocks, weighing two-and-one-half tons each, were used in constructing this great monument. An ancient writer said that it took 100,000 men twenty years to build the pyramid. Even to this day, we still don’t exactly know how the Egyptians accomplished this amazing engineering project. This does show, though, how very intelligent and skilled early humans were.

Another lesson to be learned from the pyramids is the fact that ancient people believed in some kind of human existence after death. Many of their ideas about this were incorrect, but it shows that people have a longing in their hearts for eternal life. We are so thankful that the Bible teaches us how we can obtain eternal life through Christ. Read Hebrews 5:8-9. 


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