The Golden Rule

Everyone has rules (a manner of acting) which direct the way they treat others. Some people do not care if they hurt other people. They are very cruel. Sometimes we say these folks live by the “iron rule.”

Others live by what is called the “silver rule.” They do not purposely hurt other people, but neither do they help them. They just want to be left alone. They are selfish people.

The best people, though, try to practice the “golden rule.” This means they treat everyone just like they want to be treated (read Matthew 7:12).

There is a Bible story, found in Luke 10:29-37, which illustrates these rules of life. It tells about Jews and Samaritans (two groups of people who did not like each other).

A Jewish man was traveling on a lonely road, and some robbers beat him up. The robbers were practicing the “iron rule.” As the man lay wounded, some religious Jews came by, but they did not stop to help. They lived by the “silver rule.”

Finally, a Samaritan man came along. He helped the injured Jew. He probably thought, “What if I were in this condition? Would I want him to help me?” The Samaritan was the hero of Jesus’ story. Each day we should try to live so as to be helpful to others. It is always right to practice the “golden rule.”


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