The Father of the Modern Creation Movement

From Issue: Discovery 7/1/2004

Some scientists are pioneers of ideas, some are writers, and others are great teachers. Dr. Henry Morris is all three. As a young man in Texas during the Depression, Dr. Morris was interested in journalism. But jobs were scarce, so he decided to go to Rice University and get his degree in a field that would have more job openings. He chose civil engineering because he thought it would be more profitable, but he soon began to enjoy the study. His research led him in the direction of hydraulics, the study of the effects of water and flooding. After teaching engineering for a while at Rice, he and his family left for Minnesota, where Morris earned his Ph.D. in hydraulic engineering.

Altogether, Dr. Morris taught in five schools over a period of almost 30 years. He was loved by his students and respected by fellow faculty members. Thirteen of those years he spent at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) as head of the Civil Engineering Department, a very prestigious post. During his time there, he published a textbook on hydraulic engineering, the only one of its kind. His textbook is still in print, and has been used by over 50 colleges and universities.

Dr. Morris is best known for his work in the field of creation science. In college, he struggled with theistic evolution, but through careful Bible study he came to believe in a literal, six-day Creation. His belief in the Bible increased as he continued his education, and everywhere he went he taught about God and the Bible. Even as a professor, he was not ashamed to announce his beliefs both to students and faculty. Because of his expertise in hydraulics, Dr. Morris co-authored a book on the Genesis Flood in which he used his scientific training to defend the Bible. This book has had a huge impact, and united creation scientists from all over the world in the battle against evolution. Dr. Morris pioneered the study of creation science, and is known as the “Father of the Modern Creation Movement.” Over the course of his lifetime, Dr. Morris has written 45 books and hundreds of articles, mostly on the controversy between creation and evolution.


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