The Earlier, the Better

If two-year-olds can learn the polysyllabic names of dinosaurs like Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolophus, then surely they can learn some of the simple (alleged) “facts” of evolution. This seems to be what many promoters of the theory of evolution are hoping, anyway. Young children are targeted now more than ever with evolutionary propaganda. It’s in movies and on television, in children’s magazines and on fast-food kid’s meal bags. Children see evolution illustrated on the side of rented U-Hauls and are bombarded with it in museums of natural history around the world.

Some time ago I was given a toddler’s pop-up book titled Life on Earth. On the cover was a baby holding a rattle, crawling along the nose of a dinosaur. The book begins with these words: “The very first living things came from the sea.” Later children learn that “[s]ome fish crawled out of the water and became amphibians.” After viewing a few pictures of dinosaurs (and what book on evolution is not complete without dinosaurs?!), kids “discover” that “[t]hen people appeared,” although “[t]hey were a bit hairy at first.” Finally, the back cover of the book shows a baby sliding down the tail of a dinosaur with the following emphatic words above him: “Millions of years ago life on Earth started in the oceans. Then it moved onto the land and eventually led to YOU!” (Holmes, 2002).

Instead of children being brought up “in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4), and learning that they were created in the “image of God” (Genesis 1:27), countless scores of kids (even toddlers!) in the twenty-first century are being taught that their great-great-great-great…grandparents crawled out of water and onto land millions of years ago. Sadly, this book was listed among the “22 Best Children’s Books of 2002” by They even described it as a “fantastic and super-fun reading experience” (see Butler and Kratz, n.d.).

Those of us at Apologetics Press believe there is a great need for more children’s material that specifically counters the threat of evolution and emphatically teaches the fact that God created the world and everything in it. To that end, and with the help of our gracious supporters, we have begun to produce a series of books targeting young children. The Apologetics Press Reader Series is a set of books written so that parents have the flexibility of reading aloud to their little ones, or, depending on the age of the children, parents may listen while children read aloud to them. Kids will not only read about the sky, the trees, and the bumblebees, they will also learn about the Designer who made them.

We currently have six books in this series. If you are interested in these books, please visit our Web store to read more about them. With interesting, understandable text and captivating pictures, it is our hope that the A.P. Reader Series will help your children learn at an early age about their God and His amazing creative ability. Remember, it’s never too early to begin teaching your children the truths of God’s Word.


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