The Book of Exodus

From Issue: Discovery 3/1/2016

Exodus means“exit” or “departure.” Specifically,Exodus refers to the nation of Israel leaving slavery in Egypt and moving towards the Promised Land. The book describes how God interacted with the Israelites through His chosen leader (Moses) in order to lead the nation to the land that He promised to give to Abraham’s descendants. The book has three settings: in Egypt (1-12); the trip to Sinai (12-18); at Sinai (19-40).

Central Theme:

Deliverance comes from the one and only God of the Universe. He alone can release us from the confinement and burdens of this life. This release frees us to serve Him exactly the way He has instructed us. He is the solution to and freedom from life’s hardships. He is the “way out,” the “exit,” the way of escape.


1-12 Preparations to exit Egypt – Egyptian slavery (1); Moses’ birth (2); Moses’ orders from God (3-4); Moses faces Pharaoh (5-7); plagues and escape (7-12)
12 The Israelites exit Egypt
13 Firstborn consecrated; God leads Israel by cloud/fire
14 Red Sea crossing
15 Victory song
15-17 Grumbling—bitter water (15); food (16); 
water (17)
17 War with Amalek
18 Advice to Moses regarding leadership 
19 Commitment to covenant
20 Ten Commandments
21-23 Various rules and guidelines on how to treat others
23 Sabbaths; feasts; commitment
24 Covenant confirmed and God’s glory revealed
25-31 Tabernacle preparations
32-34 Golden calf incident
35-40 Tabernacle built


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