The A.P. Christian Evidences Study Courses

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #6

Some years ago, Apologetics Press determined to provide the public with a study course, analogous to Bible correspondence courses, but which would focus on Christian evidences. We had received requests for apologetics-based instructional material aimed specifically at men and women who are incarcerated—something that could be sent to them to help build a rock-solid, obedient faith in God, His Word, and His Son, simultaneously teaching them the Gospel plan of salvation. We also received requests for a study course in apologetics that would teach young people these same principles. We knew that these course materials would need to be attractively presented, brief, and written in a non-technical vocabulary that would be appropriate for several ages and cultural backgrounds. Hence, the Apologetics Press Christian Evidences Study Course was created.

The course actually comes in three different versions. The first is a 10-lesson, introductory course intended for people who would like to begin a study in Christian evidences. The second version, also in 10 lessons, is an intermediate course intended for people who have completed the lessons in the first course, or who simply want to study Christian evidences at a level that moves beyond introductory concepts. The third is a 10-lesson, advanced course for people who already have completed the first two courses, or who want to study Christian evidences at a level that moves beyond intermediate concepts. Each course has 10 eight-page lessons, each of which is printed in full color on enameled paper in a large, easy-to-read typestyle, and contains professionally drawn artwork.

The introductory course covers the following topics: the faces of unbelief; the existence of God (3 lessons dealing with cause and effect, design, and morality); creation vs. evolution (2 lessons); a general introduction to the Bible; the inspiration of the Bible; what God expects of people (i.e., the Gospel plan of salvation); and the uniqueness and singularity of Christ’s church. The intermediate course covers: faith and knowledge; the image of God; Jesus Christ—Lord and Savior; Satan’s origin and mission; evil, pain, and suffering; the origin of the soul; the destiny of the soul; creation vs. evolution (2 lessons). The advanced course covers: whether origins is by random chance or intelligent design; whether Genesis 1-11 is mythical or historical; man’s sin and the global Flood; the geologic timetable and the age of the Earth; dinosaurs, science, and the Bible; the origin of human “races” and blood groups; Christian ethics and human cloning; the inherent value of human life; will those who have never heard the Gospel be lost?; and the sinner’s prayer. Each lesson stands on its own, and contains written exercises. Sets are shrink-wrapped, and contain a separate answer sheet for the teacher’s use. As with all of our products, we have done everything possible to make them as professional, yet affordable, as possible. We hope you enjoy, and profit from, the A.P. Christian Evidences Study Courses.


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