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Want to Help AP? Here Are 10 Ways You Can!

1. Pray: 

The most important thing you can do for us (James 5:16b). Our God is able to bless AP according to His will. Pray that we will always teach the truth, teach it boldly, teach it humbly, and have the financial support to continue what we do.

2. Purchase, use, and spread our materials: 

The primary purpose of Apologetics Press is to make sure Christians have what they need to defend the truth, and to make sure truth-seekers have answers to their questions. To that end, we want our materials to be spread far and wide, which is why we offer them so inexpensively, compared to similar products on the market. One way you can help AP and others at the same time is to purchase our materials for yourself, and to hand out to others—including at doctor’s offices and libraries, and to neighbors and family.

3. Donations: 

As a non-profit organization, we’re not “in it” for the money. But we still need money to do what we do, and we offer our products at such low prices that sales do not cover even half of our expenses. Many of the projects on our wish list simply cannot come to fruition without financial support. A heavy source of AP’s income is individual and congregational donations.

  • Monthly contributions. By giving to our work on a regular, monthly basis, you help provide financial stability that allows us to better plan our annual budget. We not only publish numerous new products each year, but also send many of our materials completely free of charge to people who simply cannot afford to pay for them (e.g., those incarcerated in jails and prisons, those in Third World countries, etc.). Monthly gifts make it possible for us to continue this valuable service.
  • Irregular contributions. While most of our financial support comes from people who prefer to give on a regular, monthly basis, there are those who, for their own reasons, prefer to give on a somewhat less scheduled basis (e.g., bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, sporadically, etc.). These types of gifts certainly are appreciated as well, as they permit us to carry out special projects (for which funds are not always available in our annual budget).

Donate now online:

Or Donate using Paypal.

  • Annual contributions. There are some who donate to our work in a lump-sum fashion at the end of the year. If you use this method of contributing, then you can claim your deduction on your taxes just a few months later.
  • Stocks and Bonds. If someone told you that you could reap double the tax benefits through charitable contributions, would you believe it? It’s true! You can do this by donating some of your investments, as opposed to cash. As an example, suppose you purchased stock for $3,000 several years ago, and it has increased in value so that it now is worth $10,000. If you were in a 28% federal tax bracket, sold your stock, and qualified for the 20% capital gains rate, you would owe $1,400 in taxes. If you donated that same stock to Apologetics Press, you would get the tax deduction for the full $10,000 market value. This would save $2,800 in taxes. If you then added the $1,400 you avoided in capital gains tax, your total tax savings would be $4,200.
  • By remembering us in your will. We understand that this is a sensitive subject for some, but it still is one that we would like friends of our work to consider. By including Apologetics Press in your will, it one day may be said of you, as it was of Abel, “though he died, he still speaks” (Hebrews 11:4). Years ago, a sweet Christian widow included Apologetics Press in her will, not knowing at the time that she was dying of an incurable disease. As a result of her foresight, at the end of each quarter we receive a gift from her estate. Those funds have been used for more than a decade to publish many of the books that we have produced to proclaim and defend the Gospel. Thanks to her stewardship, her good works have continued long after her death.

Supporters are added to a special quarterly mailing list that allows them behind-the-scenes information about the work and needs of AP. Since we are an IRS-recognized non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, funds contributed to our work are tax deductible.

4. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter: 

Staying aware of what we are doing will keep you excited about our work, which will help in the other areas listed here!

5. Talk it up: 

We are amazed that after over 40 years of being in existence, many Christians are unaware of our work, and are therefore not taking advantage of the tools we offer. Spreading the word about AP will help them and us at the same time. Word of mouth, sharing AP articles/media/products on social media, and wearing AP T-shirts will, no doubt, get you started. 

6. Journal subscriptions: 

Subscribing to Reason & Revelation will ensure that you are up-to-date in the field of Christian apologetics, and if the journal is on your coffee table each month, others will be sure to hear about AP as well. Discovery subscriptions for kids help to bolster their faith and prepare them for spiritual warfare as they engage their friends. Even more importantly, consider purchasing gift subscriptions for others you know so that truth is waiting in their mailbox every month.

7. Live Sessions: 

Consider hosting a Christian evidences seminar in your community with one of our speakers, or just allow us to come tell your congregation about our work.

8. Link to our Website: 

Consider linking our website to your personal or congregation’s site or blog, allowing your congregation easier access to AP’s materials.

9. Join our Facebook page: 

10. Share our online articles and videos:

Whether via e-mail, text, or social media, share one or more of the thousands of AP articles and hundreds of videos.