Summer Reading: ABR

From Issue: R&R – June 2015

Summer is a time when children have lots of free time on their hands. Parents scurry to keep them busy with as many productive activities as possible. We at Apologetics Press can help. In addition to our wealth of rich reading materials for young people, we offer the Advanced Bible Reader (ABR) section of our Web site. This electronic tool encourages young people ages 5-13 to read the Bible, and various other materials about God, and then to take tests and get points and awards for their work. It functions like the accelerated reader programs in public schools—but it uses the Bible.

Since the Word of God is living and powerful, and since it is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, it is imperative that our children become acquainted with God’s Word early in order to understand His will for their lives. There is no substitute for reading God’s Word and learning what it means. The ABR program will aid young people in their study by offering them a unique learning experience. The program is free of charge and has been designed simply for the purpose of offering an incentive to encourage Bible reading and the reading of Bible-related material. It is open to all who would like to become students, but is designed primarily for those in kindergarten through the sixth grade.

The program is designed so that young readers can create an account, have their own username and password, and begin taking ABR tests. Parents and teachers can create a teacher account to monitor children’s progress and award certificates as they are earned. Each test is worth a designated amount of points. The amount of points that a student earns on each test will accrue in the student’s point total. The students will be able easily to keep track of their points, which tests they have taken, and what questions they answered correctly or incorrectly.

Allow me to encourage you to visit the site, browse its contents, and then begin using ABR to facilitate the further spiritual development of your children. Go to the A.P. Web site and click on “Advan. Bible Reader” in the left-hand column.


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