Summer Camps Successful

Apologetics Press was blessed this summer to sponsor two camps at two different locations in Alabama: Indian Creek Youth Camp in Oakman, Alabama and Backwoods Christian Camp near Lineville, Alabama. During the first session (June 10-15), some 170 individuals from 27 different churches in seven states gathered to study the theme for the week—“The Reliability of the Bible.” Every class and lecture focused on the amazing accuracy of God’s Word—from the smallest details (cf. Matthew 5:18), to matters as foundational and important as the deity and resurrection of Christ. Young people were encouraged to remember that a proper interpretation of Scripture will always result in humans coming to the same, inevitable conclusion as the psalmist: “The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever” (Psalm 119:160).

During the second session, conducted at Backwoods Christian Camp (June 24-29), five A.P. staff members and writers (including three credentialed scientists) spoke throughout the week about the amazing evidences for the existence of God. More than 100 individuals, from several churches in at least five different states, spent this week together, becoming acquainted with the ageless arguments for the existence of God.

The spiritual impact of these summer camps is inestimable. Without question, many young people have been permanently influenced for good in the shaping of their thinking concerning things eternal. The fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth were simply tremendous—life-changing and spiritually transforming.

Plans are already underway to conduct one or more camps next summer centering on Creation and Evolution. We hope that your children, grandchildren, and the youth at the church you attend, will consider participating in one or more of these thrilling summer camps.


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