Summer Camp with Apologetics Press

From Issue: R&R – Issue 32 #4

Last summer, Apologetics Press embarked upon a new venture. We conducted our first A.P. Christian Evidences Summer Youth Camp. We were elated with the results. Over 200 campers and staff workers participated. We are delighted to announce that this summer we will be conducting three camps. In addition to the usual fun and games that go with summer camp (i.e., canoeing, swimming, crafts, sports, etc.), and the devos and Bible studies that nurture the spiritual dimension of young people, campers will be treated to the life-transforming experience associated with studying the proofs for the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.

Week one will focus on “Defending the Reliability of the Bible” and is slated for June 10-15 at the Indian Creek Youth Camp in Oakman, Alabama (approximately 40 miles northwest of Birmingham). Week two will deal with “The Existence of God” June 24-29 at Backwoods Christian Camp in Lineville, Alabama (approximately 80 miles east of Birmingham). Week three will center on “Creation vs. Evolution” July 29-August 3, again conducted at Indian Creek Youth Camp.

Teachers for these three weeks of camp include Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, Jeff Miller, and myself. Several of the speakers for the latter two weeks of camp (on “Creation vs. Evolution” and “The Existence of God”) will be A.P. scientists, including Dr. Jeff Miller (biomechanical engineer), Dr. Branyon May (astrophysicist), Dr. Joe Deweese (biochemist), Dr. Jerry Fausz (aerospace engineer), and Dr. Mike Houts (nuclear engineer).

The camps are for 3rd-12th graders. The two A.P. weeks at ICYC (June 10-15 and July 29-August 3) cost $135 each. You can register your children on-line for either of these two weeks at, or you can print an application from their Web site and mail it to them. (All checks are to be made to ICYC).

The A.P. week at Backwoods costs $120. You can register your children for this week by going to, printing off an application, and mailing it to them. (All checks are to be made to BCC).

Here is a tremendous opportunity to strengthen your children or grandchildren in their spiritual growth, enhancing their prospects of remaining undefiled by the world’s atheistic, evolutionary propaganda. We have a limit of 200 campers per week, so register soon. For more information, call our offices at 334-272-8558.


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