Successful Scientists Seminar

February 26-29 of this year marked the first-ever Apologetics Press Scientists Seminar. Held at the Jacksonville church of Christ, across the street from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, the seminar proved to be an unqualified success. The goal of the seminar was to show that the scientific evidence points to the presence of design in the Universe—not random chance, as evolutionary theories suggest.

The seminar kicked off with a general look at the concept of design and the Teleological Argument for the existence of God. Dr. Joe Deweese, a biochemist, presented evidence for design at the molecular level. James Spencer, a geologist, presented evidence of design in the waters of the Earth—specifically the microorganisms that cause natural attenuation. Dr. Jerry Fausz, an aerospace engineer, presented evidence pointing to design in the air. I presented evidence for design in human beings—specifically the human bio-thermal system. Dr. Branyon May, an astrophysicist, presented evidence for design in the cosmos, and Dr. Michael Houts, a nuclear engineer, wrapped up the seminar, looking at the concept of design as a whole.

The seminar was a testament to the fact that there are many qualified scientists who hold to the biblical view of Creation, because we believe that is where the scientific evidence leads. Belief in God and the Bible is not a “blind leap into the dark” without evidence. Rest assured, the Christian’s faith is based on evidence.

For more information on the A.P. scientists seminar, By Accident…or Design?, please click here, or contact our offices at 334-272-8558 to book a seminar in your area.


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