Successful Scientists’ Retreat

January 6-7 marked an historic date in the history of Apologetics Press: the first annual A.P. scientist retreat. The six professional scientists currently writing for Apologetics Press gathered in Huntsville, Alabama to discuss potential avenues whereby the Kingdom of Christ can be advanced through a more concerted team effort. Geologist James Spencer and Drs. Joe Deweese (biochemist), Jerry Fausz (aerospace engineer), Mike Houts (nuclear engineer), Branyon May (astrophysicist), and myself (biomechanical engineer) spent several hours together brainstorming how our efforts for the Lord could be expanded (see for more information on these scientists).

One important element of our discussions involved the importance of getting the truth out on the Creation/Evolution controversy. Why? Who cares? Does it really matter what a person believes with regard to how the Universe was created—in six days or six billion years? Our conclusion, with one accord, was an unequivocal, resounding, “Yes!” If sections of the Bible, which have no indication of being anything other than literal, historical truth, are taken to be symbolic, figurative, or poetic, what’s to keep a person from viewing the virgin birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as figurative—as some have done? Or what about the God-ordained plan of salvation, involving water baptism for the remission of sins? Further, an evolutionary stance on the Creation account pits the Bible against itself, since the Bible elsewhere confirms a literal, historical interpretation of the Genesis events—Jesus Himself putting His stamp of approval on such a position (e.g., Mark 10:6; Matthew 19:4; Romans 1:20; Luke 11:45-52; John 8:44; Exodus 20:11; Isaiah 40:21; see for more information on theistic evolution). Will a person believe in God and His Word, as He requires of us (Hebrews 11:6), or capitulate to the pressures of today’s pseudoscience in his interpretation of Scripture? The truth is, there is no need to take the Genesis account as anything other than literal. True science supports the Bible without exception. We, the A.P. scientists, firmly stand on this truth.

The first joint effort of this team is to present a seminar featuring all six scientists. Though arranging our schedules to accommodate such an ambitious goal is a daunting task, we all believe such an effort would be well worth the difficulty, and we believe God will bless this venture with success. The Jacksonville church of Christ in Jacksonville, Alabama will host the first A.P. scientists’ seminar on February 26-29, 2012. Each speaker will present material, largely in his field of scientific expertise, that points to the fact that the evidence demands a Designer—not random chance, as the atheistic viewpoint contends. We hope to produce a companion book and DVD of the seminar in the coming months.

Also, like last year, the scientists plan to have a presence during the A.P. youth camps this summer. Be sure to enroll your 3rd-12th graders for camp before space runs out! Other exciting potential ideas were discussed during the retreat as well, including long-term joint projects. Stay tuned over the coming months for more exciting details concerning the A.P. scientist projects.


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