Song of Solomon

From Issue: Discovery 7/1/2017

The Hebrew title of this book is taken from the first verse of the book, which uses the Hebrew phrase “song of songs” (meaning the ultimate song, or the best song of all). Our English versions focus on the last part of the first verse, which identifies the inspired author, and calls the book the “Song of Solomon.”

The book has also been referred to as “Canticles” which is Latin for “songs.” Of the 1,005 songs that Solomon wrote (1 Kings 4:32), this one is apparently the greatest. Not only did he write it, but the song is a lyric poem in conversational form apparently referring to his own courtship and marriage.

Central Theme:

God created male and female at the beginning and meant for them to marry and bond together in a permanent marriage relationship (Genesis 2:24). Living a life of devotion to God may be undertaken in the context of the happiness and joy available through the marriage of a man and a woman.

In a time when divorce is very common, the marriage relationship has been cheapened, and fornication and adultery are common, Song of Solomon serves as a very helpful inspired book that is worthy of our attention.

Outline of Song of Solomon
1-3  Romance, courting, and wedding procession
4-5:1  Honeymoon
5-6  Marital strife and reconciliation
7-8  The marriage strenghens and matures


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