Seminars that Speak to the Soul

The most basic question that a person could ever ask is: “Where did the Universe and everything in it (including oneself) come from?” From whence came the heavens and the Earth, light and life, good and evil? Did God supernaturally create everything out of nothing? Or, did the Universe and everything in it come about because of a mindless, accidental “Big Bang” billions of years ago?

Reason, common sense, and true science demand a logical explanation to these and many other critical questions. How can we know that God exists? Did the intricate design in the Universe come about by happenstance? What does atheism look like when taken to its logical conclusion? Do dinosaurs and the fossil record prove evolution to be true? Did humans really evolve from ape-like creatures millions of years ago? And what does the Bible have to say about science, if anything?

On a regular basis, Apologetics Press produces materials of all kinds that address these and many other foundational questions, which are being asked with increasing frequency as the culture war rages in America. The staff of Apologetics Press is also busy speaking on these vital topics in various places around the country. Generally speaking, it has been our experience that people in churches and in the community itself are genuinely intrigued by these questions and the reasonable, biblical, and sound scientific answers to them. Why not plan to attend an A.P. seminar in the near future? And, if an A.P. seminar is not scheduled in your area in 2013 or 2014, why not consider organizing one with the help of various faithful Christians and churches in your community?

For information on scheduling speakers for a future engagement, click here. For a listing of the seminars offered by our full-time writers and speakers, click here. Or call us at 334-272-8558.


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