Revised & Updated: Truth Be Told

From Issue: R&R – February 2022

Popular science textbooks for young people are typically riddled with evolutionary assumptions and false ideas. These evolutionary ideas do not always make up the bulk of textbooks, but they do permeate them in such a way as to contaminate the text for those students who are unprepared to deal with them. In light of this fact, Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons spent hours poring over many of the most popular science textbooks to find the most oft’-repeated alleged proofs used to teach evolution. The result of their labors was the publication of Truth Be Told: Exposing the Myth of Evolution—a compilation and refutation of these false evolutionary ideas. It was designed and written, not as a comprehensive science textbook, but as a guide for preparing and equipping students to deal with false evolutionary assumptions that often make their way into many science books used in schools.

It was 2005 when AP released the first edition. Written on a middle school grade level—5th-8th grades—it was an instant success. Four years later, a second edition was published, and now, we are offering a third edition. This edition has been completely redesigned, revised, and expanded. This revision has 37 more pages. QR codes take the reader to 27 professionally produced videos that enhance and supplement the content of the book. Each chapter includes review questions.

This book will excite, encourage, and inform students who want to know the truth. In the end, that truth leads the honest student to the fact that this magnificent Universe did not evolve, but rather was created by an all-powerful God. You will most definitely want to acquire copies of this monumental volume to distribute to the young people in your acquaintance.

Truth Be Told


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