Quiet Celebration—And a Warm Welcome…

When you first examine this issue of Reason & Revelation, it may not appear to be special in any way. But it is. Allow me to explain.

For most of its nineteen-year history, the R&R subscription base has “hovered” right around 4,000. During the summer of 1998, however, we set a goal to double our readership. And double it we did! During the period from June through August, we gained over 4,000 readers.

But we did not stop there. Early this year, we set two new goals, the first of which was to double the number of subscribers to R&Ragain! As a result of our continuing efforts, we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.

When someone subscribes to R&R, or receives a subscription as a gift, we send them the current issue of Reason & Revelation, our new 1999 twentieth-anniversary catalog, a brochure that explains the various services we offer, a packet of information introducing many of our products, and a sample copy of Discovery, our monthly paper on Scripture and science for children. And if the subscription is a gift, we also include a personalized note acknowledging the giver.

As this issue of Reason & Revelation goes to press, we are in the process of adding literally hundreds of new subscribers on a monthly basis. For the first time in the nineteen-year history of the journal, it appears that our subscriber base will surpass 10,000 readers—a fact that makes this issue “special,” (and is cause for quiet celebration on our part).

I wanted to use my “Note from the Editor” this month to offer all of our new subscribers (and there are many!) a warm welcome from those of us associated with Apologetics Press. We are thrilled to have you as a part of the R&R family and hope that you enjoy each and every issue. In fact, we hope you enjoy it so much that you, too, will want to give subscriptions as gifts to friends, loved ones, relatives, neighbors, or those with whom you are studying God’s Word. Reason & Revelation is an invaluable tool for strengthening the faith of someone who already is a Christian, or building faith in someone who is not.

Our second goal for 1999 is to double the number of children receiving Discovery. Currently, we are mailing approximately 8,000 copies of the paper each month. By the end of this year, we hope to see that number climb to over 15,000! To that end, we are doing several things. First, we are in the process of mailing over 30,000 copies of Discovery to various home schooling fairs and conventions throughout the United States—copies that will end up in the hands of parents and children who already have an above-average interest in the type of Bible/science articles included in each issue of the paper. Second, we are offering home schoolers a 10% discount on one- or two-year subscriptions. Third, we are preparing a huge mailout to send to readers of both of our journals (and to thousands of readers of other journals across the nation) during the months of May-July. Included in that mailout will be a sample copy of the magazine, plus a special offer for those who might wish to receive Discovery themselves or give it to a child as a gift.

We are serious about “getting the word out” about our two monthly journals. Why not give someone a gift subscription to either, or both? Reason & Revelation costs only $6/year; Discovery costs only $11. [NOTE: It always has been our policy to send R&R free of charge to those who are incarcerated. If you know someone in that category, feel free to send us their name and address and we will send them a complimentary subscription.] I challenge you to find a better bargain—anywhere! If we can help, please call on us. We are here to serve.


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