Post-Debate Announcement

The Butt-Scott Debate is now history. We at Apologetics Press believe that the cause of Christ was well served by the event. The Norton Auditorium on the campus of the University of North Alabama was nigh filled to capacity (1,700), and thousands more viewed the debate by live streaming provided by GBN (Gospel Broadcasting Network). Due to the generous assistance of our supporters, A.P. was able to distribute some $25,000 worth of books and magazines to those who attended the debate.

Two important purposes were achieved by the debate: (1) those who are not Christians were given an opportunity to hear the truth defended publicly in a competent manner; (2) those who are Christians were given encouragement and reassurance as they saw the truth about God’s existence ably presented with such force and clarity, in contrast to the feeble case for atheism. Indeed, debates of this nature serve to recall to its senses a culture that has been thoroughly permeated by political correctness and the entrenched notion that objective truth cannot be known and does not really matter. The Bible teaches that public confrontation of error is Christlike (e.g., Luke 4:14-30; 1 Kings 18). We believe the Great Governor of the Universe looked down upon this event and gave His blessing. We believe He is pleased with every effort that seeks to glorify Him and represent Him accurately, while urging people to acknowledge His universal reign. We are deeply grateful to Him for His loving care, and to all those who support A.P. to make such events possible. Kudos to Kyle for his many months of preparation.

Once the editing and duplication process is completed in the next several weeks, a DVD of the debate will be available for $10 (plus shipping). You may call our offices to place advance orders (800-234-8558), or wait until the release announcement which will be made on our Web site as well as in Reason & Revelation. If you are grateful for efforts put forth to dispel darkness and shed the light of Christ’s glory to the world, please consider becoming a regular supporter of Apologetics Press, and encourage others to subscribe to our magazines and purchase our low-cost products.


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