Perfect 2022 Graduation Gift: The AP Study Bible

Many of us remember our graduation as a time of celebration, and as a transition into a new phase of our lives. At the final announcements, the hats flew into the air with a whoop and excited yell, as the graduates briskly walked down the aisle toward the back of the auditorium or seating area, never to be viewed as highschoolers again. It was, and is, an important time to concentrate on the truly significant aspects of life. Credentialed and successful speakers have mounted countless podiums to urge graduates to focus on the important things of life and true success.

At this time in a young person’s life, most of us want to celebrate with the graduates we know, are related to, and those who are members of our home congregations. We often think about getting them a graduation gift in recognition of their accomplishments, and as encouragement to pursue their meaningful goals in the future. While the graduate always appreciates money, we know it will be spent, and the memory of it long gone in mere days. In searching for that perfect gift, the Defending The Faith Study Bible checks all the boxes. Not only is the full-color design attention grabbing and cutting-edge, the commentary material that supplements the New King James text contains answers to many of the questions that graduates will soon be pressed to answer. As they transition to the work force or to higher education, they will need to be able to boldly defend their beliefs in the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, and the uniqueness and deity of Jesus Christ. With the commentary completely written by members of the Lord’s Church, the AP Study Bible is the first of its kind. What better gift could an eldership give their maturing teens than one that can help solidify their faith in their Creator? Let’s make sure that our 2022 graduates know how much we appreciate them, and how much we care about their souls and the direction their lives will take. You could be the relative, mentor, or friend who gives a graduation gift this year that literally changes the course of a graduate’s eternal destiny, making it a gift that will never be forgotten.



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