Our Powerful God

Do you know what a “trademark” is? It is a special symbol or word which is placed on a product to identify and to protect that product. See if you can find a trademark on something in your house.

In Bible times, before the printing press was invented, people used to mark their possessions with a seal (an early form of trademark). A specially designed ring, for example, might be pressed into clay or warm wax to prove that an object belonged to a certain person. Sometimes seals were used as a warning that things were not supposed to be tampered with.

“Seals” can teach us a lesson. When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, a stone was placed over the entrance and sealed with the king’s signet (Daniel 6:17). That meant no one was to try to deliver the prophet, but God did!

When Jesus was buried in the tomb, it was sealed with a Roman seal, which meant “Do not disturb!” (Matthew 27:66). But God raised Jesus from the dead! We must always remember that God’s power is stronger than man’s.


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