Newly Released AP Bible Timeline

From Issue: R&R – Volume 41 #6

For several years, Apologetics Press has desired to produce a Bible timeline that would enable students of the Word to get a sense of biblical chronology and its correlational relationship with world history. Finally, this intention has become a reality. The result is monumental—composed of three 24”x 36” posters that, when joined together, create a 24”x 94.5” biblical and historical timeline which spans from Genesis 1:1 to the present day.

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Designed as a visual aid for teachers, parents, and personal evangelists, the AP Bible Timeline helps students place key Bible, Church, and historical events and individuals in their place in history, visually making the Bible come alive for visual learners. Here are some beneficial features of the timeline:

  • One may see God’s scheme of redemption unfolded from the Garden to Christ through the three dispensations of Bible history.

  • The prophets and Israelite kings are situated in their proper places in history relative to key kings in secular history.

  • The rise of denominationalism is depicted as it has unfolded over the centuries through the creation of many new churches that are distinct from the Church that Jesus Himself launched in Acts 2.

This visually stunning product is perfect for church classrooms and hallways. Students will be impressed by the fact that God revealed His religion and will for humans in history, in time. Indeed, God’s providential presence is woven into the very fabric of world history.


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