Newly Refurbished Creation Cards: “God’s Animal Kingdom”

From Issue: R&R – Issue 41 #9

One of the tasks that we at Apologetics Press take very seriously is helping people of all ages know more about the God Who created them. Through the years, we have learned that if we can begin at a very early age, we enjoy more success in our efforts. Parents understand the logic behind this reasoning because they know that bouncing babies have inquisitive minds that are anxious to “soak up” almost everything they experience. Their busy little hands and feet help them explore the world around them during practically every waking moment. And so do their little eyes and ears.

These Creation Cards were specially designed to help parents who are passionate about training their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” to be able to begin that task at the earliest stages of their child’s development. Each of the 32 cards presents a unique facet of God’s creation. With these cards, a child can learn about God’s animal kingdom, including fish, foxes, and frogs, from the comfort of their own environment. The “target age” for these cards is babies and toddlers 9 months and up.

We are pleased to announce that these cards have just been refurbished. They consist of brilliant, full-color pictures on the front, combined with fascinating facts on the back. They are produced with a sturdy, resilient structure designed to endure some serious “exploration.” Each card contains special emphasis on God’s design and creative power. Don’t forget our previously updated set of Creation Cards: “Exploring God’s Creation.”

Creation Cards: God’s Animal Kingdom


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