Newly Improved Dinosaurs Unleashed

From Issue: R&R – December 2021

Originally released in 2004, Dinosaurs Unleashed has had a phenomenal impact over the years. With the release of a 3rd Edition, we fully expect that its influence for good will only continue to intensify and expand. The latest edition constitutes a totally new, fresh layout and design, more than doubling the number of pages (from 92 to over 200). This incredible volume refutes what is surely one of the most influential contentions of evolutionists, as they exploit dinosaurs to force-feed children false evolutionary propaganda. It provides proof positive that humans and dinosaurs once existed on Earth together. Its impact has been far-reaching over the intervening 17 years. For example, Jimmy in Cross Plains, Tennessee wrote:

“I wanted to let you know that Apologetics Press is greatly needed. A boy in the third grade from our congregation read Dinosaurs Unleashed and immediately said that it was not true because man and dinosaur did not live together. It was a great teaching moment for his parents. Later, another boy in the first grade said that it was not true either. His parent asked him how he knew it was not true, to which the boy replied, ‘My teacher told me that man and dinosaur did not live together.’”

Deanna in Baytown, Texas related:

“Jeremy came home from school saying something about dinosaurs living millions of years ago. Well, yesterday at school, his teacher asked him to read aloud a section from their science book that said, ‘Dinosaurs are animals that lived millions of years ago.’ After he read that, he said, ‘Mrs. Madison, I don’t think that’s right.’ He said his teacher responded by saying, ‘Jeremy, I think you’re right.’ He then said the rest of the kids in class joined in saying they thought Jeremy was right, too. That just goes to show you how kids can learn at a young age that their schoolbooks are not always right. Thanks SO much for your work in this field. I don’t believe we could have made the same kind of impact on Jeremy without the WONDERFUL new book on dinosaurs.”

Such testimonials have been legion over the years. This newly refurbished edition contains study questions as well as video QR codes that will take readers to short video presentations that further enhance the quality and effectiveness of this volume. What better gift could one give to a young person this holiday season to refute the error that blankets our land and bolster the faith of the young?

Dinosaurs Unleashed


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