New VBS: Fearless

From Issue: R&R – March 2022

It was in 2010 that Apologetics Press released its first VBS. It was titled “God’s Creation: Digging for Answers.” Three years later, we released a second VBS titled “The Bible is God’s Word: Digging for Answers.” Both VBS curricula were contained on CD-ROM that enabled churches to access everything they would need to conduct a VBS tailored to their congregational needs. In 2020, we decided to produce a more traditional VBS in which we provide churches with all the materials they need, rather than leaving it to them to print their own. The Flood VBS was the result. Though the VBS was released to the public just as COVID was arriving on the scene, which hampered churches from conducting their usual summer VBS, nevertheless, Flood became a successful venture and continues to offer an outstanding VBS curriculum option for churches.

Now we are pleased to announce a second traditional VBS offering that constitutes a study of the book of Acts. It is titled Fearless and provides young people with insight and encouragement from important people depicted in the book of Acts who manifested a fearless faith, specifically Peter, Luke, Aquila and Priscilla, Stephen, and Paul. The content encourages students to develop their own fearless faith considering the accuracy of Acts, Peter’s call to pay attention, Stephen’s awareness of Jesus, Aquila and Priscilla’s example of what it looks like to be available to serve God faithfully, and examples from Paul’s life of why a fearless faith is a faith that takes action. The Fearless VBS package is Bible-based, practical, and age-appropriate in its effort to equip all ages for a lifetime of faith and inspire attendees to serve God more fearlessly. Visit the AP website as well as for more information.


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